Atari 7800 a78 file converter for Mateos Atari 7800 Rewritable Multigame Cart

This service removes the header (first 128 bytes) of the A78 files to make them compatible with Mateos Atari 7800 Rewritable Cartridge

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Choose the a78 file:

Please, remember to set the file extension according to the following rules:

All the letters must be uppercased

The following table contains the extensions for the most common games

Ace of Aces (NTSC).SG
Ace of Aces (PAL).SG
Alien Brigade (NTSC).S9
Alien Brigade (PAL).S9
Asteroids (NTSC).16K
b*nQ (NTSC)
Ballblazer (NTSC).32P
Ballblazer (PAL).32P
Barnyard Blaster (NTSC).SG
Barnyard Blaster (PAL).SG
Basketbrawl (NTSC).SG
Basketbrawl (PAL).SG
Centipede (NTSC).16K
Centipede (PAL).16K
Choplifter! (NTSC).32K
Choplifter! (PAL).48K
Color Test (NTSC).8K
Commando (NTSC).SGP
Commando (PAL).SGP
Crack'ed (NTSC).SG
Crack'ed (PAL).SG
Crossbow (NTSC).S9
Crossbow (PAL).S9
Dark Chambers (NTSC).SG
Dark Chambers (PAL).SG
Desert Falcon (NTSC).48K
Desert Falcon (PAL).48K
Dig Dug (NTSC).16K
Dig Dug (PAL).32K
Donkey Kong (NTSC).48K
Donkey Kong (PAL).48K
Donkey Kong Junior (NTSC).48K
Donkey Kong Junior (PAL).48K
Double Dragon (NTSC).AC
Double Dragon (PAL).AC
F-18 Hornet (NTSC).AB
F-18 Hornet (PAL).AB
Fatal Run (NTSC).SG
Fatal Run (PAL).SG
Fight Night (NTSC).SG
Fight Night (PAL).SG
Food Fight (NTSC).32K
Food Fight (PAL).48K
Galaga (NTSC).32K
Galaga (PAL).48K
Gato (NTSC).48K
Hat Trick (NTSC).48K
Hat Trick (PAL).48K
Ikari Warriors (NTSC).SG
Ikari Warriors (PAL).SG
Impossible Mission (NTSC).SGR
Impossible Mission (PAL).SGR
Jinks (NTSC).SGR
Jinks (PAL).SGR
Joust (NTSC).32K
Joust (PAL).48K
Karateka (NTSC).48K
Karateka (PAL).S4
Kung-Fu Master (NTSC).32K
Kung-Fu Master (PAL).32K
Mario Bros. (NTSC).48K
Mario Bros. (PAL).48K
Mat Mania Challenge (NTSC).SG
Mat Mania Challenge (PAL).SG
Mean 18 Ultimate Golf (NTSC).SG
Mean 18 Ultimate Golf (PAL).SG
Meltdown (NTSC).SG
Meltdown (PAL).SG
Midnight Mutants (NTSC).SG
Midnight Mutants (PAL).SG
Missing in Action (NTSC).S9
Missing in Action (NTSC).S9
Motor Psycho (NTSC).SG
Motor Psycho (PAL).SG
Ms. Pac-Man (NTSC).16K
Ms. Pac-Man (PAL).32K
Ninja Golf (NTSC).SG
Ninja Golf (PAL).SG
One on One Basketball (NTSC).48K
One on One Basketball (PAL).48K
Pac-Man Collection (NTSC)
Pete Rose Baseball (NTSC).32K
Pete Rose Baseball (PAL).32K
Pitfighter (NTSC).S4
Planet Smashers (NTSC).SG
Planet Smashers (PAL).SG
Plutos (NTSC).SGR
Pole Position II (NTSC).32K
Pole Position II (PAL).32K
Q-bert (NTSC).32K
Rampage (NTSC).AC
Realsports Baseball (NTSC).S4
Rescue on Fractalus (NTSC).32K
Robotron 2084 (NTSC).32K
Scrapyard Dog (NTSC).SG
Scrapyard Dog (PAL).SG
Sentinel (NTSC).SG
Sentinel (PAL).SG
Sirius (NTSC).SGR
Summer Games (NTSC).SGR
Super Huey UH-IX (NTSC).48K
Super Huey UH-IX (PAL).48K
Tank Command (NTSC).S4
Touchdown Football (NTSC).SG
Tower Toppler (NTSC).S4R
Tower Toppler (PAL).S4R
Water Ski (NTSC).S4
Winter Games (NTSC).SGR
Xenophobe (NTSC).SG
Xenophobe (PAL).SG