Mateos VECTREX Multigame Cartridge (MVMC). Burn your own ROMS for the VECTREX console.
Mateos VECTREX Burner Dumper (MVBD). Burn and dump VECTREX ROMS via USB port
Use the same burner for many consoles

Now available version II of MVBD and MVRMC.

The main features of this new version are:


  • Burner/Dumper
    • Can burn up to 64kB ROMs.
    • 10 times faster (can burn a 64kB ROM in less than 6 seconds).
    • Allows erasing without replugging (you can burn a ROM, delete it, and burn a new one in the same slot without replugging the device).
    • Can detect the size of 4/8/16/32/64 kB games when dumping (version I assumes that all the games are 32kB).
  • Rewritable Multigame Cartridge
    • It now includes a slide switch to select 32kB or 64 kB mode (each cartridge can hold up to 4 32kB games, 2 64 kB games, or 1 64Kb game + 2 32kB games).


Do you already own a MVBD/MVRMC and feel sorry because your items have become obsolete very fast?

This new version really isn't a big step forward for VECTREX's owners because, as far as I know, there isn't any 64kB public domain ROM for this console (and if you are a homebrew programmer with a 64kB game I will be pleased to gift you a new burner/cartridge ;-D).

This revision is aimed at getting the burner/dumper ready for other consoles... ¡stay tunned!

Nevertheless, your burner and cartridges are upgradable to this new version and, as I really appreciate the confidence you have placed in my products, I would like to offer you two choices to get advantage of the benefits of this new version:

  • Send me your items and I will update them for free. You will only have to pay the posting charges (sorry but the profit margin is so low that I cannot bear them).
  • Buy a new burner and/or cartridges with a 40% discount.




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