My burner is now compatible with Philips Videopac G7000/G7200/G7400.

I have developed a card able to hold up to 16 games.


You can play all official games (including 59+ Helicopter Rescue and 60+ Trans American Rally) except 31 and 40.

12kb games (55 and 58) must be prepended with 4kb of data to make them 16kb (you can do it using any Hex editor, like HxD).

Although the burner can detect the size of the rom (exactly 2k, 4K, 8K or 16k) to apply the proper bankswitching scheme, you can also force a bankswitching scheme through the file extension of the rom (this can be useful for homebrew developers):

  • vp0 - 2k
  • vp1 - 4k
  • vp2 - 8k
  • vp3 - 16k

Vectrex Roli has published a nice YouTube review.