Mateos VECTREX Multigame Cartridge (MVMC). Burn your own ROMS for the VECTREX console.
Mateos VECTREX Burner Dumper (MVBD). Burn and dump VECTREX ROMS via USB port
Use the same burner for many consoles

A few MVBD & MVRMC prototypes have been sent to beta testers around the world to verify its compatibility with different series of VECTREX consoles and operating systems.

The first feedbacks received are promising:


  • The system works even with 31XXXXX and 4XXXXXX serial number VECTREX consoles. These consoles have compatibility issues with other multigame cartridges.
  • The burner/dumper is compatible with Windows, Ubuntu and MAC OS. Nevertheless, some Macintosh users are finding difficulties to burn the ROM files using the Finder; this seems to be solved using the ditto command with the following sintax: ditto --norsrc --noextattr --noacl src_file dst_file
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