Mateos VECTREX Multigame Cartridge (MVMC). Burn your own ROMS for the VECTREX console.
Mateos VECTREX Burner Dumper (MVBD). Burn and dump VECTREX ROMS via USB port
Use the same burner for many consoles

My burner is now compatible with Atari Lynx.

I have developed a rewritable card able to hold up to 16 256-kb games, or up to 8 512-kb games. This card can be used in Atari LYNX model I and model II.

The roms must be headerless, so I have deployed a web service to fix LNX files. You can find it here.


VectrexMad has written a nice review of my system in his Jan-March 2014 fanzine.

You can read it here:

Don't forget to visit his marvellous website:

VectrexRoli has published a nice review of my Vectrex burner/dumper and multigame cartridge.

Don't forget to visit his marvellous YoutTube channel:

If you own a MVBD version II or later, you can now use it to burn WATARA/Supervision/Quickshot ROMs into MWRMC 8in1.


Use this PDF form to create labels for MVRMC 16in1 easily. Please, take into account that this label fits v1.2 and prior, but not v1.3 or later.

ejemplo plantilla 16in1


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