The following table contains the games/applications that have been tested with MVBD and MVRMC.

If you wish to suggest some other application to this list, please use the contact form.

Please, before using MVBD or MVRMC with a ROM, make sure that you have the legal permission to dump or burn it.

Name ROM Year Comments
Armor Attack download 1982  
Bedlam download  1982  
Berzerk download 1982  
Blitz download  1982   
Clean Sweep download  1982  
Cosmic Chasm download  1982  
Fortress of Narzod download  1982   
Heads up download  1983  
Hyperchase download  1982   
Mail Plane download  1983

Any redistribution of this ROM should retain file naming format.  When linking or posting please provide site and/or reference credits to both Chris Romero (aka "Vectrexer") and

This game requires a LightPen.

Minestorm II download  1983  
Polar Resque download  1983  
Pole Position download  1983  
Rip-Off download  1982   
Scramble download  1982   
Solar Quest download  1982   
Space Wars download  1982   
Spike download  1983  
Spinball download 1983  
Star Castle download  1983  
Star Hawk download  1982   
Star Trek - The game download  1982   
Web Wars download  1983  
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