The following table contains the games/applications that have been tested with MVBD and MWRMC.

If you wish to suggest some other application to this list, please use the contact form.

Please, before using MVBD or MWRMC with a ROM, make sure that you have the legal permission to  burn it.

Nombre Comentarios
Alien (199x)  
Balloon Fight (199x)  
Block Buster & Cross High (199x)  
Block Buster (199x)  
Brain Power (199x)  
Bubble World (1992)  
Carrier (199x)  
Cave Wonders (1992)  
Challenger Tank (199x)  
Chimera (199x)  
Chinese Checkers (1992)  
Classic Casino (1993)  
Climber (1992)  
Crystball (1991)  
Dancing Block (1992)  
Delta Hero (1992)  
Dream World (1992)  
Eagle Plan (1992)  
Earth Defender (1992)  
Fatal Craft (1992)  
Final Combat (1992)  
Galactic Crusader (199x)  
Galaxy Fighter (1992)  
Grand Prix (1992)  
Happy Pairs (1992)  
Happy Race (1992)  
Hash Blocks & Eagle Plan (1992)  
Hash Blocks (1991)  
Hero Hawk (1992)  
Hero Kid (1992)  
Honey Bee (199x)  
Jacky Lucky (1992)  
Jaguar Bomber (1992)  
John Adventure (199x)  
Juggler (1992)  
Kabi Island (199x)  
Kitchen War (1992)  
Kung-Fu Street (1993)  
Linear Racing (199x)  
Magincross (1992)  
Matta Blatta (199x)  
Olympic Trials (1992)  
P52 Sea Battle (199x)  
PacBoy & Mouse (199x)  
Pacific Battle (1992)  
Penguin Hideout (1992)  
Police Bust (199x)  
Popo Team (1992)  
Pyramid If you use the 32 kB ROM version, you will have to concatenate the file with itself to generate a 64 kB file.
Recycle Design (1992)  
Scaffolder (1992)  
Soccer Champion (199x)  
Sonny Xpress! (199x)  
Space Fighter (1992)  
SSSnake (199x)  
Super Block (1992)  
Super Kong (1992)  
Super Pang (1992)  
Tasac 2010 (1992)  
Tennis Pro '92 (1992)  
Thunder Shooting (1992)  
Treasure Hunter (199x)  
Untouchable (199x)  
Witty Cat (199x)  
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