Follow these steps to dump a cartridge´s binary code using MVBD:

  1. Plug the cartridge to the MVBD. The cartridge must be plugged using the orientation depicted on the MVBD.

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  1. Connect the MVBD to your computer using an USB port. Your operating system will detect it as a removable disk drive. The first time you connect the MVBD to your computer it may automatically install the proper driver.
  2. Use your operating system´s file browser to open the disk drive corresponding to the MVBD. You will find that this drive already contains a 32 kB file named VECTREX.BIN if you are using MVBD version I, or a file named GAME.BIN and sized 4/8/16/32/64 kB if you are using version II. This file holds the cartidge´s binary code. Even if the cartridge´s ROM is actually smaller than 32 kB, MVBD version I will always assign it 32 kB, but version II will detect whether the actual size is 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 kB.
  3. Drag the VECTREX.BIN file to the folder in which you want to dump it.
  4. Once the copying has been completed, safely eject the MVBD´s disk drive.
  5. Disconnect MVBD from your computer.
  6. Unplug the cartridge from the MVBD.
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