MATEOS VECTREX BURNER-DUMPER (MVBD) is a device designed to burn binary code files in MATEOS REWRITABLE MULTIGAME CARTRIDGES (availables for VECTREX, Watara/Supervision/Quickshot, Gamate, Atari Lynx, Videopac and Atari 7800). This device can also dump the code from the originalVECTREX  cartridge games (those developed by CGE/MB for the VECTREX console based on PROM-like ICs, and that had been released as Public Domain).

MVBDMVRMCCara componentes MVRMC 16in1 smallMWRMC8in1 small

MVBD plugs to your computer through an USB port and disguises itself as a MSD (mass storage device), as it was a pendrive, so you will not need to install additional software to use it (apart from the USB MSD driver that is already included in most of today´s operating systems, as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS and Ubuntu).

Each Rewritable Multigame cartridge can simultaneously store several games using its switch to choose a diferent slots for each game.The maximum store capacity of each slot is:

  • 32kB in version I of Vectrex 4in1, version II of Vectrex 4in1 and Vectrex 16in1
  • 64kB in Watara 8in1
  • 16kB in Videopac 16in1
  • 32kB in Gamate 16in1
  • 256kB in Atari Lynx 16in1
  • 128kB in Atari 7800

Every slot can be rewritten thousands of times. The Vectrex, Atari Lynx and Atari 7800 cartridges include an slide switch that allow to combine two slots, allowing to burn 64kB, 512kB and 144kBroms respectively.

Besides, the Vectrex cartridges include a self-lock button that you can press to pause or continue the VECTREX game.

Features summary

  • Burn and dump your own VECTREX ROMs effortlessly within seconds.
  • Burn your own Watara/Supervision/Quickshot ROMs effortlessly within seconds.
  • Burn your own Atari Lynx ROMs effortlessly within seconds.
  • Burn your own Gamate ROMs effortlessly within seconds.
  • Burn your own Videopac ROMs effortlessly within seconds.
  • Burn your own Atari 7800 ROMs effortlessly within seconds.
  • USB MSD device that does not need additional software.
  • Windows, Mac OS and Ubuntu compatible.
  • Store several games in each cartridge and rewrite them thousands of times.
  • Use the Vectrex cartridge´s button to pause/continue your VECTREX games.




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